Amnesty international to divest from fossil fuel companies

When has Amnesty International (AI) ever invested in a fossil fuels company? How much has that been? Does anyone working in the fossil fuels industry know of any investments AI holds in them? Why have they not divested from fossil fuels decades ago when the planet-destroying properties of CO2 have been known for so long already? But most important – what is going to be the impact of AI divesting from fossil fuels? Let me answer this last question right away. It’s about time they divested from anything. How comes that AI gambles with cash they should be using improving the Human Rights situation in countries where this is sorely needed? Oh, making a fuss in democratic countries is easier – I see. China would not appreciate if AI did what AI has actually been created for. Well then, right on – take the easy route. We know henceforth what to think when we hear Amnesty International.

Amnesty International will divest from fossil fuel companies in acknowledgement that investment in an industry whose products are the primary source of the climate crisis is at odds with the organization’s mission of protecting and championing human rights.

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