Analysts agree 2020 tough for LNG sellers

I have said so a zillion times and I will say it again. LNG sellers so far have always bet on the next miracle maker to pop up and take their wares off their hands at high prices. Yes, the attitudes they have taken during the hard seller’s market still live on. They have no justification anymore but they don’t want to hear or see that. They still think that the world must beat a path to their offices and kiss their hands. That has not been the case for years now but you would not believe how tough those folks are. They expect a miracle to happen. It must happen – for them. In the meanwhile, they could have done some market development opening a totally new growth-market to LNG. Long-distance trucking. Massive thirst – fast growth possible. Tried, tested and ready for action. But heads in the sand won’t get them there. It takes money to make money. Will you spend it or rather die? Your call.

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