BMW’s i4 Electric Vehicle Should Give Tesla a Run for Its Money

Electric vehicles are just at the beginning of a long journey at the end of which they will be riddled with problems like a juvenile with pimples. They are still very pricey, the price reductions of late came on the back of China’s poor masses and not on technology developments, their batteries require lots of electricity to produce which is often ultra dirty, they consume power but rarely is this clean power, they tend to explode for no reason and their real range still sucks. Wait for it – the show will be worth it. Those suckers are not clean.

Motoring is changing faster than you think. Before too long even relatively inexpensive cars will be exhilarating, futuristic and eerily quiet. The 2021 BMW i4 is a brilliant start: A total revamp of what the Bavarian automaker has been doing with electric vehicles. It is sleek, sporty and sublimely fast.

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