China And India Will Watch The West Destroy Itself

To a certain extent, there is some truth in this. Then again, one thing that those countries never consider is the safety valve, especially in the US. People will be lulled into all kinds of crap by the enviro Mafia, no doubt. But one day, the effects of all this bullcrap cannot be masked anymore. The federal structure of the US will make sure that some states will get massively messed up, and some will hold back and thrive. Democracies – if they are well structured – can bounce back with a vengeance and while especially China will still suffer massively from the effects of the collapsing bubble and their overspending, the US will be in overdrive again with an electorate that has been battered into reality again. So, yes we are in a pickle, but we will get of this quicker than you will of yours.

China and India will allow the west – led by the United States (US) and European Union (EU) – to destroy themselves through dysfunctional, domestic, and continent-wide politics. This isn’t a Donald Trump or EU issue, but electorates having a vague understanding of how societies function, particularly, when it comes to energy.

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