China industrial gas demand falters as heartland factories go bust

Every bubble fears needles. But no matter how carefully they are inflated, they have one thing in common. One day they will pop but when you hear the popping sound, its far too late. OBOR shows signs of strain but OBOR has been made to provide work to China’s overbuilt industries. In a normal world, China would have to go on a strict diet and lose a lot of the fat it has built up. But this would most likely mean civil strife so leaders there go for the next best thing. Throw money on foreigners to sign up to monster construction they could normally not afford. When the charm fades off, the hangover remains and this is why so many OBOR partners are canceling their projects. That’s hard for the FAT to bear.

Industrial gas demand in North China is showing signs of a sharp slowdown as small manufacturers shut their doors or buy less gas, unable to cope with a drop-off in export orders and costs related to Beijing’s pollution control and reform measures.

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