China to add 259 GW of coal capacity, satellite imagery shows

Still, the world will dump on Trump for pulling the US out of the Paris agreement even if it was the honest thing to do. Those inside Paris don’t give a damn – at least the big players like Germany and most of all China don’t give a heck. Think what you want about Trump but he did the honest thing. Those other self-congratulatory cheaters are much worse as they knew they would cheat and signed the accord anyhow. Trust an agreement with China at your own risk.

By analyzing satellite imagery, research group, Coalswarm has found that coal-fired power stations in China totaling 259 GW, which were supposed to have been scrapped, are being built. When fully commissioned, they will reportedly represent the equivalent of total coal-fired capacity in the United States. Not only does this news go against China’s current push into renewables, but also raises serious air pollution concerns at a time when levels should be decreasing.

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