China to dominate global energy demand

Please look harder. China is a big energy buyer – given. And China looks set to clean up its coal addiction – I remain to be convinced. But China will grow so much – are you really sure about this? Chinas industrial output goes down already now. Its not only the trade war but its even more so the tight fist with which the KCP keeps the country under its knuckles. Business is an elite affair. The nomenclature siphons everything off for their benefit. And now the glasshouse starts to have big cracks. Chinas growth will screech to a halt and even go negative. And then, once we realized this, all hell will break lose as the world is not ready for a shrinking China. The energy world neither.

For oil and gas investors, there is plenty to ponder as we enter 2019, which looks a much tougher year for the industry. Opec policy and Iran are some of the obvious, but the biggest strategic question is the outcome from US-China trade negotiations.

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