Claim that LNG is no greener than coal gets new scrutiny

Did I get this right? As long as there is no better data, the Natural Gas industry remains vulnerable to the claim that its no better than coal. Let’s turn this another way – you walk in the street and suddenly someone on the other side of the street claims that you have beaten him savagely. This person who claims you are a criminal does not show any marks of having been beaten recently, he does not provide any other evidence to solidify his claim but if you cannot show that you have not beaten him you go to jail. A wonderful presumption of guilt. This is the kind of society that we live in now? Some jerk claims something, admits that he cannot prove his claims but you must run for your shirts. How ridiculous is this?

One of the biggest bites ever taken out of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in any developed country is one that environmentalists and renewable energy advocates never seem to mention.

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