COP24 or COP-Out-24? When Nations Don’t Play Well with Others

Now that we get into the weeds of it, politicians start to see the political risk they take on with those commitments. Macrons yellow vest problem raised more than eyebrows in the governing palaces of the world as every elected official starts to realize that making commitments that will impoverish his constituents might cost him his political career. More nationalistic parties have already realized the potential of COP busting at the ballot box. People are hurting, economies start to tank as they must with the effects of the 2008 crisis not even digested yet, virtue signaling is a road to doom. Paris was still more or less good intentions – now they must make the rubber hit the road and this won’t work. Not in today’s political climate (pun intended) – maybe we should start to think about solutions that work without destroying peoples lives.

It appears from all reports that the 24th Conference of the Parties (COP24) in Katowice, Poland is not going well for the environment. The UN climate conference, in the heart of Poland’s coal country, is being attended by delegates from 200 countries and 30,000 more from governments, businesses, industries, environmental organizations, various issue and technology exhibitors, journalists, and various and sundry other places.

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