COVID19 models – a lesson for those who trust climate scientists-Joe D’Aleo

More than 10 years ago I was still in my comfy corporate job and every year we had an exercise in which the leading brass of the company tried to determine where the journey goes. I remember rosy projections of an ever-growing market. When I was part of this meeting for the first time I was too sure what to think of it. I meekly asked what if the growth prospects would not materialize or god-forbid we would go into a shrinking market. Everyone looked at me as if horns were growing out of my head but the topic was shelved quickly. I was told that those numbers came from a very prestigious consultant and had cost a pretty penny. I understood that I was to shut up and I did. Models are opinions, projections are opinions. Anything that cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt is an opinion. All those COVID-19 models fail and there is certainly no lack of motivation to get it right. Same for Climate Change but as long as there is no Climate Change lockdown nobody gives a damn.

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