Democracies are ill-suited to deal with climate change

How good are Autocracies to deal with emergencies? We are not dealing with an emergency except maybe an emergency in human brain loss. But let’s do as if there was some kind of emergency upon us. Let’s look at autocratic states. History shows us that autocracies don’t like to deal with disruptions. They don’t want ripples in the pond so they tend to cover up anything that does cause ripples. This does not make emergencies go away. I a liberal democracy, things get fixed eventually. Look at the ex-Soviet Union. The successor states are still riddled with countless calamities that it left behind. Nobody cleans that crap up. They put a plug on it, declare it a state secret and go on. And let’s be clear – alarmists everywhere show exactly those traits. Instead of coming clean on failed models and fake data o ClimateGate they create contorted conspiracy theories and declare those asking legitimate questions deniers. Give up your freedoms at your peril.

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