Donald Trump, “Chernobyl” and the true costs of the climate crisis

The author of this article got something wrong. In Chernobyl, it was the man with the alternative facts that fought a system of deceit and lies. a system that preferred to kill masses of people rather than admitting that their reactor design was faulty. Valery Legasov was the renegade, he fought conventional wisdom. He offered an alternative to the system of lies. In Climate Change, conventional wisdom is that the world is going to end in 11 years. That’s what most politicians, bureaucrats, famous people and government-funded science continue to say. Their theories are leaking like an exploded nuclear reactor but they continue their quest regardless as admitting that they are wrong would shake their core system of belief. They can never do that. As crazy as it is, Donald Trump is to Climate Change wat Valery Legasov was to Chernobyl.

Each lie accrues a debt to the truth, a debt that one day will be repaid — likely with a very steep interest rate.

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