Donald Trump draws laughs at the UN, but the US’ isolationist turn should amuse no one

Laughing at Trump is easy. The man’s foibles and antics are almost ridiculous to watch. BUT – laughing at him is also very, very cheap. If the world believes that they can direct Trump by making him the clown, they are wrong. Trump will fire back even harder. That’s what his life has taught him. Never blink – always up the ante. And “up the ante” he will. Other world leaders have just shown that they are no better by giving in to cheap hormonal urges instead of leading by example. They should have listened instead of giggling. Its the president of the most powerful nation speaking. No matter who it is, we better listen as we will have to deal with the fallout. Like it or not.

Andrew Sheng says Donald Trump’s UN speech articulated his vision for American patriotism, which threatens the international system of trade, travel and finance that has made us better off

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