Electric cars’ green image blackens beneath the bonnet

Now do the same comparison with a methane-fueled car that runs on bio methane. You will find that there are worlds between the Tesla and the bio methane car. Even a car with fossil CNG or LNG will beat the Tesla handily. And with bio methane, you have none of the issues that a Tesla gives you. Range anxiety – you must be joking. Batteries exploding with no apparent reason – yeah right. Vehicles that are so expensive that even with subsidies only the rich can afford them – not with methane. The world needs to wake up to reality. I am talking to the famous activists out there. You hear me Arnold and Leonardo? Get real folks. Methane is far cleaner than Teslas, and cheaper, and more reliable, and mature, and …

The humble Mitsubishi Mirage has none of the hallmarks of a futuristic, environmentally friendly car. It is fuelled by petrol, runs on an internal combustion engine and spews exhaust emissions through a tailpipe.

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