Elon Musk Admits Everyone Was Right About Tesla

Here we go – he is not the master of his own game anymore. This has grown beyond his skill set so what he does is coast along the misery and try to make it all appear to be controlled. But its not – its a monster that slides towards and unsightly end and when we are finally there, the world will do as if this is the biggest surprise ever. Except that – it is not. We had it coming for a long while and we knew it. Its just so hard to look in the mirror – aint it?

Burning cash at record amounts, a disastrous start to ramping up production of the Model 3, a CEO who unnecessarily stirred the pot practically at every turn. Anyone willing to look beyond the grand vision of Tesla this past year understood the company was perilously close to insolvency, even as Elon Musk tried to shoot down any suggestion otherwise. But now, he admits that everyone was right all along.

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