Elon Musk’s latest Tesla sales promises have analysts scratching their heads

Just imagine now that governments start to tear down their subsidies programs for electric vehicles because their public finances cannot bear the strain anymore and people are sick of those eternal spending sprees. Cannot happen – look towards Australia and behold what can happen. Electric Vehicles (and their hydrogen brethren) are a strain on the public purse. Less money comes in as taxation on them is massively reduced if existing at all and more money goes out in the form of subsidies and other perks. This all to enable a wealthy elite to get and run their toys while the average masses pay up – but those average masses are the majority at the ballot box. Back to the issue: what if subsidies go away – sales will tank as was already experienced in multiple instances. How will E-Vehicle makers fare them when already now they are clinging to life by their teeth only?

Elon Musk’s reiteration of full-year delivery forecasts for Tesla Inc. when reporting earnings Wednesday had a chilling effect on the company’s stock price and analysts weighing in on the results had this to say: They don’t believe him.

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