Engineers Develop Concept for Hybrid Heavy-Duty Trucks

That was a suggestion I made years ago and now its coming together. Electric Vehicles suffer from their giant batteries are they are expensive, clunky and heavy plus they still give you poor range. An onboard generator (that’s what the combustion engine really is) solves all that. Put in an LNG tank, a gas engine and you have the cleanest of all world plus a very silent vehicle. A small battery enables it to go all silent in certain quarters where this is an add-on. I have run for those things to happen for 10 years now – most of this time it felt like it was useless. But patience pays – things start to come together.

Heavy-duty trucks, such as the 18-wheelers that transport many of the world’s goods from farm or factory to market, are virtually all powered by diesel engines. They account for a significant portion of worldwide greenhouse-gas emissions, but little has been done so far to curb their climate-change-inducing exhaust.

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