Europe’s first Scania truck with 13-liter LNG engine delivered in Spain

13 Liter engine, 1600 km with one filling. Guess what happens if you use bio-LNG instead of fossil LNG – exactly. Nothing at all. The engine won’t notice the difference. Except that suddenly the vehicle is almost zero emissions. Cleaner than a Tesla, but far cheaper and I want to see how many charges a Tesla needs for 1600 km. Or the price tag of a hydrogen truck of that size and weight. We have a super clean solution that works, is economical and can be implemented without fuss. What are we waiting for?

Alimerka has added to its fleet the first trailer truck in Europe with a Scania 13 liter engine powered by LNG. With this vehicle they have a total of 46 Scania LNG trucks, which represents 61% of the Asturian distribution company’s total. This vehicle, which thanks to the double LNG tanks reaches a range of up to 1,600 km depending on the route and the type of freight, will be in charge of the regional transport to the different points of sale that the distribution chain has in Asturias, Castilla León and Galicia.

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