Extinction Rebellion isn’t about the Climate

So, they want to turn back the clock. They want to undo what has been done over Millenia. They want to right the wrongs. Wrongs that have been committed by our ancestors. Let me tell you about my ancestors. my father’s father was born in 1899. He was sent to the Italian front where he picked a permanent handicap during the fighting, he was sent with the Volkssturm to fight Russia and came back a broken man. My father was born right before WW2 and suffered through the war for his entire childhood. What is their responsibility? What is mine? Or anyone alive today responsibility in the slave trade? The last baby born on the last day of slavery in the west is long dead. Its children are likely all dead. We cant change the past. Right or wrong – the world is what it is. Being stupid about it is not going to make it better.

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