For Energy and Climate, Don’t Forget About One of America’s Most Important Resources

Should entrepreneurs not work the market instead of zigzagging nations capitals? I come from an entrepreneur’s family. I have created two successful business ventures. Two of my brothers have. My father run his own little family business as did his father and his father in law. As I look across the family, small entrepreneurship everywhere. But I don’t remember that anyone was going for public money and/or favors first. We all looked at the market, identified a need and served it. America’s most important resource is not the DC hogs. It’s the little family-owned businesses. Its the mom & pop stores that keep going when it’s getting really rough. It’s the roughnecks in the oilfields that squeeze the rock for a living. Shale was started by some crazies with a mission. Big money made it big later but without the seed from the crazies, it would not have happened. And so it is for all things. People matter, not politics.

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