Fracing robots in the works as oil field is digitized

That’s way more significant than many non-oil folks dare to understand. Oil drilling goes real time. Up to now, drillers were essentially blind and deaf when they drove the bit in. They had some real-time data but it was little and they had problems processing it in real time. Now, new tools can reposition the drillbit immediately when some new data comes up. his is going to be essential in the new oil-milking world shale has bestowed upon us.

Bots already are used to vacuum floors, build cars and do heart surgery. Now, Halliburton Co. wants to add fracing to the to-do list. The world’s biggest provider of the technique that unlocks oil and natural gas from shale rock has a vision of push-button fracing that’s still years in the making. But for now, the Houston-based contractor unveiled a new service that will help move in that direction.

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