Germany May Never Get a Natural Gas Boom Even With Coal Exit

Let’s bring some reality into this. Electricity cost is highest in Denmark followed by Germany. Those two countries are also the most radical renewable addicts. Germany has reached a level of renewables where the legacy system is not able to cope with the stress anymore. This means that making sure that power will always be available when its needed will cost exponentially more from now on. There is no more substance to help fudge the books. Poorer Germans have to chose between freezing or going hungry already now. This will get worse. And some political parties will start seeing an opportunity here. We know where such things lead. Kill gas and live with the consequences. Don’t come whining later – you just live with the ghosts you have called.

The natural gas industry is eager to see a jump in demand now that Germany has come up with a plan to end electricity generation by burning coal. That might never happen, according to a report by one of the nation’s largest energy companies.

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