Green New Deal Would Spark Yellow Vest-Style Protests

What I have been saying for years. This entire renewables and EV/hydrogen madness is way more expensive than the zealots are ready to admit. And someone will have to foot the bill. Governments will run of money, so they will have to stick it to the little people which, incidentally are the mass of the voters. They will say thank you very much and at a point in time start to riot and vote those crooky politicians out of office. Faced with the prospect of being booted from office many of them will make the turnaround and kick this entire madness to the dogs where it belongs. It takes time, but when the little people are on the edge, they start to kick a fuss that changes the game. When that kicks in, we need realistic solutions. Solutions that are clean but don’t break the bank. Natural Gas, get ready. You are still sleeping.

Democrats are predicting a climate-change-fueled apocalypse 12 years from now, but 3,800 miles away in Paris, we’re seeing a preview of the real doomsday scenario that would result from radical policies such as the Green New Deal.

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