Harrison Ford’s Climate Horror Story

I am old enough to remember the wager between Paul Ehrlich and Julian Lincoln Simon. That was still in the last century. Simon held that commodity prices would sink in the longer term and the scarcity myth held by Ehrlich was just that, a myth. True to form, the economist Simon pinned it on verifiable price markers. He won, and he won the follow up wager as well. Everything Ehrlich has ever said was disproved. Still, Ehrlich is given the rock star treatment and Simon faded into obscurity. Humans are strange beasts. We like our lies and drama – life must be like a Brazilian telenovela. Why being rational and sticking to the facts when the drama on the screen is so entertaining? Oh, by the way. Once power goes down and you enjoy your renewables caused blackout for a very high price, the screen goes black. That’s when people usually start to wake up. And it wont be too late – but it will have been very, very expensive by then. But when have Socialists cared for the money of others?

NBC late-night comedian Seth Meyers recently dedicated one of his “comedy” diatribes to denouncing “scaremongering about socialism.”

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