How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal is being built

Drummer is right about one thing – that those in power don’t understand the real-life problems of real-life people anymore. And that has gone on for a long time. He wants to put in more top-down structure when creative destruction would be sorely needed. What afflicts America is that the entrepreneurial spirit this country had been built upon has been crushed under thick layers of societal constructs, affirmative action, social engineering, political correctness and tons of economic interventions by those that will bear the consequences of those horrible decisions. The US needs a big, man sledgehammer in order to bust the collectivist concrete that has accreted around every aspect of life. A reset – a fresh start – a new beginning. You can only do new things when the structure preventing action and initiative are busted. And who is better with busting what is than Trump. Love him – hate him but the man is a gust of fresh wind for America. The GND would be more structural concrete crushing Americans into the ground.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s 2016 victory, a progressive group called the Justice Democrats jumped into action. If the liberal establishment had failed to keep Trump from power, clearly it was time for some fresh political blood. The group embarked on a hunt for potential candidates, putting out a nationwide call for nominations of community leaders who might make good members of Congress.

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