How Liquefied Natural Gas Could Change South Africa’s Fortunes

Look at a world map with lines representing the major LNG trade flows and shipping channels. Then look for South Africa and count how many LNG lines pass by the country. Have you looked How many is it – exactly. Zero. South Africa is a long way from what is called the global LNG market. can LNG be brought there – of course, it can. Any vessel can go there – it will be special though and special things cost money. But that’s not the real problem, and established LNG player will solve that no questions asked. The real rub lies in the structure of the South African political economy. ts multiple layers of affirmative action which makes entrepreneurs hustle more for getting a slice of one of the many political dole out programs rather than building businesses. Endless, fruitless meetings, power players in between that expect to be taken care of, incumbent players that will do their worst to frustrate your every step,… I found Nigeria to be a much easier and reasonable bsuiness location than South Africa.

The development of liquefied natural gas (LNG) could help transform the South African economy, spur re-industrialisation, reduce the country’s over-reliance on coal-fired power stations, and contribute to increased regional trade.

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