Is Anthropogenic Climate Change the Reason Wildfires Are Getting Worse?

When entire parts of town were swept away by a massive flood in 2002, everyone was looking for an excuse why this could have happened. But the real cause was simple – people were building up in areas that were once designated as flooding areas but the city council, in its rush for a broader taxpayer base, rededicated this as building land. Nothing to do with climate change. Its was local issues and it was preventable. And those floods had been rare but they had happened in the past which is why those flooding areas were there in the first place. But today, if your wifes period is late – its climate change. Get real folks.

Studies have shown for years now that wildfires are only becoming more common over time. It’s been a difficult thing to research, historically speaking, because of the myriad of variables and influences that conspire to create situations like the ongoing Mendocino Complex Fire in California. 

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