Israel’s Energy Dilemma: More Natural Gas Than It Can Use or Export

How is this a dilemma? Why would Israel even contemplate gas exports? OK, I get it. Some gas goes to Egypt, exports to Jordan are a good thing too. Besides the pling, they also bring better relations with neighbors. But then, there is still far too much Natural Gas to use in the country. Really? Israel imports about 10 Million tons of crude per year. That’s about 100 Suez Max carriers. Much of that is for use within Israel. Israel is also a very small country. A network of 20 fueling stations strategically placed would go far to cover the country for LNG fueled heavy trucks. Israel could use some of its gas, make LNG and convert many of their heavy vehicles to LNG (or CNG). This would help them with the air, making them way more resilient in case of a shock from the outside, and in the end, the innovative Israeli tech sector would probably figure out profitable technologies to export worldwide. You got a chance now Israelis. Don’t export – this gas could be a piece of freedom for yourself.

For decades, Israel was an energy-starved country surrounded by hostile, oil-rich neighbors.

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