Last Man to Walk on the Moon Mistaken About Climate Change on Earth

Climate Change is real, it has happened for billions of years and won’t stop because of us. I also think that humans will likely have had some impact on weather patterns so far – how much is up for debate for me. But pinning every flood, every hurricane and every heat wave on Human-Induced Climate Change (HICC) is crap. As a hobby historian, I know that those things have happened in the past at all times. Ancient Egypt was struck with droughts that lasted for decades. Middle Eastern Cultures were repeatedly struck by all kinds of weather-related calamities. And temperature recordings from before WW2 are bogus – I simply don’t believe that we reliably recorded 0,1-degree differences then.

A former NASA astronaut who was the 12th person to walk on the moon may have seen Earth from space — but he doesn’t see that human actions are shaping global climate change. Today (Oct. 15), Harrison Schmitt, a geologist who flew on the Apollo 17 mission in 1972 and who was the last person (who is still living) to have visited the lunar surface, told a roomful of science journalists that he did not believe climate change is caused by human activity, despite overwhelming evidence and scientific consensus to the contrary.

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