Mega-Rich Environmentalists Respond To Questions About Their Use Of Private Jets

Let me translate this so everyone understands it clearly. They say they make investments into green technologies and that this outweighs their use of private jets. Now an honest translation: I make investments in companies that claim they save the planet. I fully trust that the pressure built up by green radical groups will build enough leverage to coax lawmakers into throwing money at those otherwise forlorn businesses making them profitable which in turn makes me stellar profits out of the pockets of defenseless tax- and ratepayers. And I expect all of you to cut me slack for preaching to everyone to live like a pauper but my use of a private jet and enjoyment of all other perks life offers to a billionaire – paid for by those taxpayers – shall be above scrutiny as I have a stake in this green racket. Wow, I was exposed to tons of conceitedness and arrogance in my life but those two really push it.

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