More Flagrant Alteration Of The Past: Patrick Moore As Founder Of Greenpeace

I would like to say that this is revealing. But its not. Ever since humankind evolved into something that develops some semblance of culture, those that did not accept whatever the dominant belief was, were outcast. In a primitive hunter-gatherer society this meant death as the group meant protection from a myriad of threats. Even kings had to bow to the will of the doctrine – look no further than Akenaten in the New Egyptian kingdom for an example. Galileo Galilee had to recant his findings – never mind he was right and all others were wrong. Today, being expunged from the record holds a virtual death sentence. You will be erased, denied and badmouthed so the established world can much easier treat you as some sort of non-human sicko. Moore was a co-founder of Greenpeace – the only scientist in the founding group. We know that now. Greenpiss lied, not the first time so the heck. NASA falsifies temperature data and nobody calls them out. And people are being fleeced alive. But every organism eventually has to give in to the sheer persistence of reality. Its like gravity – you can fight it but over time, it will wear you down. Count on it.

By far the most-read posts on this site are the ones in my now twenty-two part series The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time. The specific subject of that series is the alteration by government bureaucrats of historical temperature data in the ongoing campaign to convince the public that there is dangerous global warming going on.

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