Naomi Oreskes, the Golden Opportunity

This just shows how woefully unprepared the Climate Realist side of the equation is. This would have been a golden opportunity to expose those cheats. And it was wasted? What are the big institutes and lobbying organizations good for? This blunder is the best proof that if fossil fuel companies use the money to spin information on the Climate, they really suck at it. How could they have missed such an opportunity? But I think this is all bollocks. Most fossil fuel companies actually play balls with the Alarmists hoping they will eat them last. Their future is not important to them as the current set of managers hopes that they can end their terms without having to do any actual work on this count and if their companies go down the dumper after their term is out is not their problem anymore. And shareholders seem to be complicit. Politicians, bureaucrats, managers of public companies – one crappy bunch.

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