New Film ‘SwitchOn’ Spotlights Transformative Power of Energy

Nobody gives two damns about stable, reliable and affordable energy – until we don’t have it anymore. We are coddled in the developed world. We have had this thing for so many decades that most generations cannot even imagine life without it. Its like air being just there. Why worry. I myself would not know if I had not lived in some countries where this thing is not so normal. Where blackouts and brownouts are the norms. Where hourlong queues at the fuelling station is the norm. Where energy is expensive and rationed. They appreciate improvements and won’t bitch about imagined Global Warming because they have real problems to deal with. But some industrialized countries will go back and re-experience this – most notably Germany. They will have blackouts and brownouts and when they do they will be shocked. It’s one thing to pay sky-high electricity rates. It’s another one to have failing electricity on top. And then, change happens.

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