No Amount Of Subsidies Will Ever Make A Wind/Solar Electricity System Economically Feasible

If we threw enough money at it, it would somehow work. For a while. Like the Soviet Union was. When I was a kid in the Seventies, it was already clear to me that this monster of a state could not be forever. I was a kid mind you, but I also understood that something that is not automatically carried by forces other than artificial ramparts must eventually come down. And you may believe me that my knowledge of geopolitics at the time was sorely lacking. Renewables and the entire green blob have always needed financial support but subsidies are not all. The very nature of those contraptions requires massive distribution network expansions plus plenty of backup and the cost of this has never been factored into the poster-costs of renewables. But it’s still there -lurking in the background – we pay it. But gravity will have its way. As it always has. 

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