Norway posts first monthly trade deficit since 2017 as gas exports plunge

When I had my first encounter with Norvegian O&G negotiators from one of the then big names, I was shocked. I was used to NOC’s in the Middle East and Africa. Those can be very unreasonable in their demands and getting the contract or project shaped to be acceptable to all sides is the art in the negotiation circus. If you imagined technocratic and sterile reasoned discussions, you would be sorely wrong. In comes this meeting with Norvegian execs and I expected them to be very different. Reasonable, professional, understanding, … I I was taken aback. Very little difference at all. Almost exactly like their counterparts from much less developed parts of the world. What does this mean? Norway is a natural resource economy and when natual resources fetch high prices, those folks start to believe their own crap. They think that they are superior to those other buggers that actually need to work for their green. They always find the truth eventually and its always the hard way. What goes up, comes down.

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