NYC’s Amazon Debacle and the Need for Affordable Energy

This is not an environmental protection movement – it’s an organization that’s bent on reducing humanity to the living standards of 200 years ago. Besides, much of humanity today won’t survive this as the planet simply cannot sustain 8 billion people on 1800 technology. But guess what – those lunatics have the better marketing. They are all over the news with their smash and run tactics, with their sit-ins, with their obstructions of workers and equipment. They are aggressive, they are caustic, and they clearly are out to harm the average citizen. The average Joe and Jane don’t get it yet as they are shelled with news about weather events and the latest slip of tongue of the president. We need much better marketing in order to show the people what the consequences are – and we might get a chance. We are at the point where major systems will start to fail. We must stick blame to where it belongs then. Do we have the balls for a confrontation?

By now you’ve heard about Amazon canceling its plan to open half of its second headquarters in New York City. You’ve probably also heard why.

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