Ocasio-Cortez takes gas guzzling SUV to lecture Americans about ‘climate change’ at SXSW

When I lived in France, I learned a new term. Communist Caviar “or Caviar Communist”. The term was thrown at a french singer Zazie who likes to show off her extreme left views while at the same time living the life of a super rich. Zazie needed years to get to this level of hypocrisy – AOC is way more efficient. She just does not give a damn – shall the world go to the rats as long as she lives the dream. To hell with those, pointing her lies out – they just don get it. Well yes, we get it. You just need cheap soundbites that you can feed your voters. By doing this you show your voters exactly what you think of them – that they are rubes. Let’s see how long this one lasts.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made quite the splash at this year’s SXSW conference, and it wasn’t just for her attacks on capitalism or labeling Ronald Reagan a racist.

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