Oil slick threatens French coast after cargo ship sinks

A ship sinks and its fuel threatens the sea and coasts. The same happens when there is an accident on the road – one of the first and most important things emergency crews need to take care is the threat of a fuel spill. One drop of diesel spoils a barrel of water. In this case it was even worse – Heavy oil garbage that floats. We have seen this unfold countless times. The black, tarred birds, the dead fish, beaches that can’t be used for years. Marine genocide in the making. Now imagine that this ship would have used LNG as a fuel. The LNG spills into the water. It creates an ice block (water ice) in the water and evaporates harmlessly. Wait, it could get ignited which is real hard to do but its possible. Well, then it burns just like this fuel oil burns. Just, there is no residue to be taken care of whether it burns or not. It just diappears – also onshore. No groundwater contamination, no dead animals, no beaches that look like dead zones, what the hell are we waiting for?

A second sheet of oil from an Italian cargo ship that sank in the Atlantic was heading towards the French coastline, environment minister François de Rugy revealed Thursday. The ship was carrying 45 containers of “dangerous materials”.

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