Omnitek’s new 420HP 13-liter natural gas engine exceeds Euro 6 standard

I bet the engine beats EURO 6 by a margin without cheating needed and over the lifetime of the truck. A problem of diesel is that even if a brand new engine would theoretically comply with EURO 6 (which they don’t as we know), they start to sot up from the first kilometer which means that they become worse and worse until maintenance. I would love to see two trucks, one NG and the other diesel run side by side for several thousand km and all emissions measured every km to tally up. I bet the result would be horrible for diesel.

Omnitek Engineering Corp. has finalized the development of a 420 hp 13-liter heavy-duty natural gas engine for a European customer, which can be used for truck and bus applications. The engine, equipped with Omnitek’s patented engine management system components and a highly efficient catalytic converter, exceeded Euro 6 emissions requirements and will be utilized to power Euro 6 certified trucks and buses.

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