Overwhelming Opposition To Electric Vehicle Subsidies

Who is surprised now? I guess some living in the bubble will be flabbergasted. But level-headed humans should not be as most average Joe’s and Jane’s have come to understand that they will never be able to afford one of those E-toys for themselves and that through their taxes, they pay subsidies for rich show-offs plus they have to endure the do-gooder attitudes and comments that come on top. Who wants to endure this. You want to show off how incredibly green and responsible you are – great. Pay up for it. Don’t suck off my hard-earned cash. Politicians will start to understand this and it will be increasingly harder to justify subsidies so as they don’t want to lose their jobs, they will cut. Just wait and watch.

The Energy Equality Coalition (EEC) today released the results of its new national survey regarding taxpayer-funded subsidies for wealthy owners of electric vehicles. 

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