Paper praising models’ predictions proves they greatly exaggerate

The world is flooded with those papers. Thousands of writings, some of them with a veneer of actual science. But they all fall short of the one thing we are all waiting for. Actual proof. I am often asked what I would accept as proof. Well, I certainly will not accept any made-up opinion piece full of assumptions. Assumptions are an opinion. They are not facts. Any model that rests on those same assumptions is an opinion as well. As long as this opinion is not proven and anything this opinion provides, as a result, disagrees with measurements in the real world, its quite a weak and lousy opinion. But those opinions masquerade as facts when they are not and alarmist stalkers inundate anyone they don’t agree with to steal their time and occupy them. And then they expect us to disprove their unproven assumptions. The world on its head.

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