Physicist: CO2 Retains Heat For Only 0.0001 Seconds, Warming ‘Not Possible’

This is not only evidence – its definitive proof that we are being defrauded by the entire climate-industrial complex to the tune of 3 trillion USD so far. Its time the world stands up to this heist and claims the money back. Based on scientific proof, all proponents of Climate Alarmism must be charged with fraud, convicted, their assets seized and used for reparation for all the pain and suffering they have caused. Anyone who abetted this heist such as the press should be tried as well. Nobody was able to prove that CO2 is responsible for any warming or cooling cycles so far,. But it has been proven that it cannot possibly be the culprit. The world must wake up from its coma and take care of the people again. Not run after some fraudulent and ridiculous causes.

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