Prophecy Fail

The Climate Alarmist movement has many of the traits of a doomsday cult. A fanatical following, a discussion dominated by dogma, violent vilification of everyone who even dares to ask questions however innocent they may be, and successive dates by which the world will end. Or not really end but rather by which it will be too late. That is even sneakier. No big eyes when the true believers are waiting to be picked up for salvation – just endless terror avoiding anything that might dent the believer’s zest. They make mistakes though – like when the management of a national park predicted that glaciers would be gone by 2020 and in 2019 it became painfully clear that this was simply not going to be true but glaciers were actually growing in size. They learned – now announcements are way vaguer in order to avoid those pesky facts.

Preacher and evangelical broadcaster Harold Camping has announced that Jesus Christ will return to Earth this Saturday, May 21, and many of his followers are traveling the country in preparation for the weekend Rapture.

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