Proven: 100% renewable energy across Europe is more cost effective than the current energy system

Again this bullshit about fossil fuel subsidies. Where does that crap come from? Fossil fuel companies in Europe pay taxes. A lot of them in fact. The government makes a ton of money on fossil fuel companies. Has anyone already looked into fuels taxes? Renewable fanatics claim that the deductions that fossil fuel companies make on the cost of their business is a hidden subsidy. By that measure, all businesses in all countries are subsidized which is a laughable load of crap. You pay taxes on your profits. Your cost of business is not profits. As long as the renewable folks operate with fake news like this, any serious discussion is fraught with failure. Oh besides – renewables are cost competitive. Great. Cut their real subsidies right now.

“100% renewables is not a stupid idea, in fact it’s getting more and more mainstream around the world,” exclaims Hans-Josef Fell, president of Energy Watch Group and father of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act. And how refreshing is it to hear this during this United Nations Climate Conference, where we’ve heard way too much noise coming from the fossil fuel and nuclear lobbies.

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