Public pays wind farms £170m a year to cut power output

When any entrepreneur produces something that’s not wanted or needed, he will either have to sell his stock off way below the price or just dump his stock. He will incur a loss. When a windfarm produces power the grid cannot possibly absorb, they switch off and get compensation payments. How is that not a subsidy? On-demand energy resources produce their wares when there is a need, not when nature decides. Power from a reliable power generator is not the same as the flicker power from wind or solar. It stable, it even, it’s here when you need it, not when they want. I would forcefully propose to create regulation that forces utilities to point out how much money on the electricity invoice goes for paying generators for staying idle. And if they say the grid is not strong enough, make them pay for the grid upgrading. Everything else is a subsidy and I want that to be clear to anyone.

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