Renewable energy costs hit new lows, now cheapest new power option for most of the world

That’s excellent news. I am sure that the renewable industry does not mind if then we take their subsidies away. Oh yes, preferential grid access still is a subsidy. Rotating backup for free still is a subsidy. You guys sure would love to show us what you can do so putting you on a real level field with non-interruptible energy is what you want I assume. What do you say? Preferential grid access and free rotating backup is no subsidy? But it is! It’s an advantage that’s worth a lot of money. Ask renewable project planners if they would like to factor in the vagaries of the power market into their supercheap projects. Folks, we don’t care what you can produce when nobody needs it. We care about what you can produce when we need it. Electricity is a time-critical commodity. Give it to me at the wrong moment and I would not take it for free. But you conveniently forget to factor those things in when you blurt out nonsense like this. Because if this would really be the case, all those countries with the most aggressive renewable policies should have the cheapest power. However, its the most expensive power on the planet you find there. How does that square with the propaganda?

Plummeting costs have made renewable energy sources the most inexpensive option for new power generation throughout most parts of the world, according to a new study.

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