Residents, environmentalists to fight Croatia’s LNG terminal

Most projects still live in the past. In the past, something big got built and people liked it for the investment, the jobs, the boost to the local economy. No more. Today, a marmalade factory is a dangerous thing. Horrible smells of strawberries and lemon might pollute the lands. There is nothing more superstitious than a local crowd of angry people. It might see laughable but those crowds kill billion dollar projects more efficiently than a bankruptcy judge. Today, if you have not done the long, hard, messy work of advocacy for your project, your wares, your industry and if you have not faced madness a thousand times, you put your project at risk. Is that really sensible? Or shouldn’t we spend some money in order to dispel some of the worst superstitions about LNG?

Residents and municipal authorities on the Croatian island of Krk, a major tourist destination, have vowed to fight the construction of a floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal due to begin in a few weeks.

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