Russia LNG Ambitions Advance With Plans for Remotest Regions

See how this is done? No haggling with investors that want to see if the project can really make the money invested back. No fussing around with customers that need flex that you can’t give them. No jumpy upstream partners that want to monetize their leftover gas. The big boss clears his throat once and all pieces fall in place. Profitability? Security of demand? We have no time for this crap. There is a reason why it takes many years to organize a big baseload LNG project. Its a lot of cash and everyone wants to be sure that he is safe enough. Thats not pulled out of a hat – except in Russia. Murky accounting and tax favors (subsidies really) help. But what do I complain about – more LNG in the market means more pressure to use it and I like that.

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