Saudi Arabia Starts to Weaponize Its Wealth

Saudi Arabia is playing with fire here. Canada (and any other Western country for that matter) will not like the loss of Saudi investment money. But this is very far away from bringing anyone to his knees here. But it does something else. It shows some that there is a life without Saudi cash after all that that this life is not so bad at second sight. Examples are very powerful once their consequences (or relative lack of it) start to sink in. Saudi Arabia will wake up and find itself in a dark place, and it will not be alone there.

Here’s a subject that Elon Musk might think twice before tweeting about. Resource-rich Saudi Arabia, which in recent months amassed a $2 billion stake in the Twitter-mad billionaire’s electric-car company Tesla Inc., has declared economic war on Canada. The cause was a tweet by Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, whose call for the release of social activists arrested by the Gulf monarchy earned a stunningly disproportionate response this week.

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