Shockingly thick first year ice between Barents Sea and the North Pole in mid-July

No, this cant be. Al Gore told us personally that all Arctic Ice will be gone by 2010. We are long past that date. This ice has no justification for being there. It has not asked Gore for permission. I think he is already on his way there with the biggest hairdryer the world has seen in order to personally make sure that his prediction is being heeded. I am just amazed that this still causes a discussion – what evidence does one need in order to see that the entire GW hysteria is nothing but a fabrication. Admit it folks and let’s move on. We won’t be hard on you – we will just take your toys away and let you move on.

In late June, one of the most powerful icebreakers in the world encountered such extraordinarily thick ice on-route to the North Pole (with a polar bear specialist and deep-pocketed, Attenborough-class tourists onboard) that it took a day and a half longer than expected to get there.

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